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Recruitment alone is not the end of man-power planning. In order to make an all rounded banker to take up the leadership position in future, it is not only necessary to develop new skills, honing the existing and to acquire and sharpen the management skills.

IBRT offers training to banking staff in skill acquisition, skill enhancement, attitudinal change, leadership and management skills.

The trainers or facilitators as they are called are drawn from a panel of experts from banking fraternity and academic field.

Modules: There are readymade training modules for different levels and skills.

  1. Bank orientation program for new recruits: This is designed to provide a bird's eye view on banking and finance.
  2. Service orientation: This program is designed for attuning the attitude towards service in a service organisation like bank.
  3. Effective communication: Communication is a two waytraffic. Effective communication is the one that is understood in the same manner by the recipient as intended by the originator.
  4. Bank Marketing: Banking products from both asset and liability sides are required to be designed and sold as per the need of the hour.
  5. Training program on functional areas:
  1. Training programs on Behavioral Science and Management

Tailor-made: IBRT undertakes to design and administer a training module as per the need of a client bank.

On-site Training: IBRT also deputes its 'facilitators' to the offices of the client bank under its 'on-site training' program.

Virtual Classroom:The trainer and trainees to have convenience of remaining at their office or home and separated by a long distance, the web based virtual classrooms make training interactive. It is cheaper and much more convenient.