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Welcome to Institution for Bank Recruitment and Training

Banking is a specialised vocation. Having a separate cadre of banking personnel is a requirement of the industry. Banks world over pay very high attention to 'Talent Acquisition'.

Banks being the most important driver as well as indicator of economic growth continuously require trained personnel to achieve and sustain the envisaged growth.

In a dynamic and highly competitive world, the attrition rate of banking personnel is on the rise. That exerts a huge pressure on banks for 'Talent Retention'. Job switching has become the order of the day. Banks have reconciled with the situation and are seeing an opportunity in lateral recruitment by acquiring trained personnel with track record of achievements and hiring experienced personnel with fresh ideas.

Skill enhancement and competency mapping of banking personnel is equally important for banks to maintain their individual competitive edge with a 'winning team'. This makes training and competency mapping an essential inputs in Banks.

Institution for Bank Recruitment and Training has been established to assist Banks in sourcing, recruiting and training the banking personnel.

IBRT also brings excellence in banking pursuit by competency mapping and skill enhancement.

Headquartered in India, IBRT has global ambitions for its operations.

IBRT is an institution dedicated to create a strong cadre of banking personnel through:

  1. Recruitment &Banking Personnel Placement: assisting banks in sourcing and head hunting the banking personnel to be placed at different levels with different skill sets including CEO in lateral recruitment. This service is specially desired by Private Sector Banks in India, Foreign Banks operating in India, Overseas Banks from Middle East, Africas, South East Asia, UK and USA.
  2. Coaching: general candidates aspiring to making banking as their career specially in Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and a few Private Sector Banks.
  3. Training:training the banking personnel for development of new skills and enhancing the skill levels for achieving excellence in banking pursuit. This service is offered to local banks in India and Overseas Banks world over.
  4. Competency mapping:competency mapping for client banks.