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Recruitment & Personnel Placement

In a service industry like bank, human resource play a very vital role. Banks world over pay very high attention on 'talent acquisition' and 'talent retention'. Recruitment and training, therefore, are given equal importance if not more than the business acquisition and retention. Enthusiastic and talented work force is the backbone of a successful bank. Different banks have different sources and methods of recruitment. But one thing that is common is to source and train the personnel to make them future leaders to maintain the competitive advantage of a bank.

Different career paths in different banks open up huge opportunity to the banking personnel to move on and switch jobs. Similarly, different job profiles provide different career progression and rewards for becoming compulsive reasons for switching jobs. Banks have now come to term that retaining talent lifelong is not possible and may not be necessary

Who else other than IBRT understands this better and as such IBRT has a scheme for recruitment of most appropriate personnel for all kinds of banks such as PSBs, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks as well as Overseas banks in their recruitment of banking staff at :

  1. Entry level
  2. Lateral recruitment and
  3. Head-hunting

We accept both single recruitment as well as long term retainer ship assignments.